Multi-million dollar digital marketing agency needed PPC expertise for opportunity with national franchise. 


When the opportunity came to sell marketing packages to a large national franchise with over 500 locations, this agency was ready — except they lacked in-house, pay-per-click (PPC) expertise.


ClikTree offered the agency a custom PPC solution that scaled in price as they added more franchise locations.


After an initial pilot of the PPC offering with five franchisees, results were so good the corporate franchisor decided to pay the PPC management fee for all locations that wanted to advertise. ClikTree now manages the PPC for over 300 franchise locations, in addition to providing white-label PPC services to other franchise and small business clients of this agency.

Clients Served

National Repair Franchise

National Broker Franchise

Local & Regional Business Clients

From the client

"The execution was great – the relationship really has worked well for our needs.”

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