Why is the Google Ads Search Term Report Important

Why is the Google Ads Search Term Report Important


Welcome to growth hack 101 and today we're going to talk about to Google ads search query report. Why you need to know what it is. And why it's important for your business. Before we get into this short video let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

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So lets discuss the Google Ads search query report.

This video about the Google Ads search query report

is for anyone doing their own Google AdWords.

Anyone who has employees who might be managing their Google ads.

Or if you have agencies or Freelancers managing your Google ads you should be familiar with this report also.

So why is a search query report critical to your business? It's important to review your keyword targeting and make sure it's targeted and and you are getting the right traffic to your website. It's also important for adding more keywords to your keyword targeting and adding negative keywords to your negative keyword list. This will increase your click-through rate of your ads.

Increase your quality score which means you will pay less for your ads. You will also increase your conversion rates and decrease your wasted spend.

So let's go into a Google AdWords account and take a look at how you access the search query report and what it is.

Login to your Google AdWords account and we're going to go to the keywords tab on the left column.

You're probably only looking at the Key Word level typically so these are the Search keywords that have been created that we're targeting for the ads.

I want to look at is the Search terms instead.

This is going to show us

actual user searches that triggered your ads.

You may see some keywords in here that are not targeted that and you may even see a lot of keywords in here that are not targeted and that's going to tell you you have some issues.

When you look at this report.

You can customize the columns.

Here is a match type.

Added, excluded columns.

What you want to do is go through this report. You can download.

the report to a spreadsheet. Or You could just go through.

Right here in the ad platform and make the changes.

You can add negative keywords or keywords to add as relevant terms to your campaign. You can do that quite easilly from this report.

For this client, the search query report looks good and most of the keywords are very relevant.

Let's look at another client who has some issues with keyword targeting.

The client is targeting speaking terms for Michael Phelps. They are trying to drive leads for his speaking engagements.

The client used broad match terms and is getting a lot of traffic that isn't relevant.

Water games for kids. Michael Phelps 20 yard time. Celtics summer league schedule. Here's one that's actually relevant - Michael Phelps keynote speaker.

They wasted quite a bit of money in just one day generating a lot of traffic that wasn't going to turn into business and this is where this report really beneficial.

You need to be looking at this report on a regular basis even if you aren't managing the keyboard yourself. You need to be reviewing this report weekly, monthly, or quarterly just to make sure that the work being done on your account and the keywords that are driving traffic are targeted.

You can go to our blog post for additional resources related to the search query report

And hopefully you find this short video education. Please reach out of you have any questions.

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